CICHA NOC (Silent Night)

dir. Piotr Domalewski. Director’s debut. Award-winning. All photos, locations and interiors were made in Warmia.
Co-financed by the Warmian-Masurian Film Fund.
the movie Cicha Noc by Piotr Domalewski


dir. Paweł Ziemilski. International co-production. Full-length documentary film. Premiere August 2019. Special award from the jury of the 31st Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam.
documentary film In touch


(All for my mother)
Feature debut of Małgorzata Imielska. Award of the 44th Polish Film Festival in Gdynia for her acting debut for Zofia Domalik.
shooting of Mydło completed

About us

Welcome to the Warmia-Masuria Film Fund website! Our Fund has been established by the decision of the Marshall of the province – Gustaw Marek Brzezin.
The fund is, in one part, an answer to the expectations of the creative community, who frequently visit our region to produce fiction movies, TV series, documentaries and animated films.

It is also borne out of a desire to secure economic benefits for the province and promote this beautiful land, to make it more attractive to tourists, Polish/international investors and, last but not least – filmmakers. The distinguishing features of the Warmia and Mazury Province are its exceptional outdoor locations, natural beauty, the architecture of historic palaces and religious sites, and its unique small-town buildings.

Even today, many of the region’s villages, towns and cities offer the chance to experience the architecture of a world long past, cobble-stoned streets, winding paths and Warmian roadside shrines, crosses, ruins and historic bridges – like Stańczyki. Some of the villages have seen no house construction since the liberation, frozen in time. It’s the perfect place to produce your film. Just mount the camera and start shooting… It’s no wonder, then, that each year Warmia and Mazury welcome film crews who saw the region as the perfect location for their productions.

The Warmia-Masuria Film Fund is a significant regional effort to support the movie industry by providing multiple forms of assistance:

movie production co-financing of up to 50 % of the production costs,
financial investment – with the right to share future box office revenues (under a co-production agreement concluded with the film’s producer),
consultation, assistance in finding sponsors/co-producers, negotiating terms of agreements with local companies and owners of hotels/establishments/locations, holding extra auditions,
administrative facilities, police permits,
contributions and benefits in kind (sites, locations, fees and covering administrative costs),
coordination of technical tasks, logistics, etc.,
recommendations for prospective movie production locales in the form of a special catalogue of locations, sites and exteriors, i.e. the Film Location Guide.

The Warmia-Masuria Film Fund operates as part of the Centre for Education and Cultural Initiatives (Centrum Edukacji i Inicjatyw Kulturalnych) in Olsztyn in the Regional Film Bureau department.